Ex-husband moved overseas

My ex-husband lost his job in the U.S., and in August 2008 moved overseas (initally for just three months). He’s been gone for 18 months, leaving me to raise a now 17 year old boy (high school junior) and a 13 year old girl, ALONE. He has no idea when he may return to the States. He pays his child support and alimony, but I am the sole caretaker 24/7, day in and day out, and I’m having a great deal of trouble managing our lives, and keeping my sanity.

Our divorce was finalized June 2009, and the agreement is written that he would have the kids every other weekend and every Wednesday night. When the separation agreement was written (Feb '08) there was NO IDEA that he would move anywhere, much less overseas. Doesn’t his move overseas breach this contract? He’s not upholding his end of helping me raise the kids. Shouldn’t he, at the VERY least, have to pay more in child support - or compensate me for getting some extra help?

Based on the custodial schedule in your agreement child support was likely calculated under a Worksheet A, which computes the maximum amount of child support.

Unfortunately for the children there is nothing in the statutes that forces him to visit the children.