Ex married my former nanny


In addition to my ex stopping child support for our daughter who turned 18 in December '08, but won’t graduate until June '09, he also married my former nanny (an au pair from Kenya) several years ago. I terminated her when I found out she was seeing my ex and she became an illegal alien because I no longer sponsered her. She let her travel and visa papers expire as well. She had a son out of wedlock who is now 13 or 14. My ex supports his new wife who lives with him here in NC, her son who lives in Kenya with her mother. Her mother raises him although my ex pays for his wife (my former nanny) to travel quite frequently to visit them in Africa. My ex also pays for his new wife’s son to attend a private school in Kenya. Is that support - educational and otherwise, visitation for his “new family” calculated into the support he is required to pay for our daughter? To my knowledge he has not adopted her Kenyan son.


No the support for other children must be paid via court order to a natural or adopted child.