Ex monitoring teen's phone, reading texts

My bf is divorced, he has obviously moved on with me, and his ex is still incredibly bitter and controlling of everything. She has forced his teen son (let’s call him Nick) to give up Nick’s apple ID for his phone so that she can track his every move and read his text messages. His father got a new phone/phone number/apple ID so that his communications with Nick can’t be monitored, and Nick won’t be Lo Jacked like a criminal. She immediately confiscated the new phone.

What recourse does Nick have? Does his father have? The three of us feel like we are constantly looking over our shoulders if we text Nick, talk, or if he comes to my house.

Also, Nick is only with his father 4 out of 14 days. He adamantly wants more time at his dad’s and is very close to just leaving and moving in with his father. Nick’s mother is extremely controlling and will not permit Nick to spend any more time with his father. What recourse does Nick have? He is 16 years old, can he just leave? Would his father possibly suffer any retribution with the courts if he takes his son in?

The home environment is extremely toxic. Nick wants out.

While the mother can monitor a minor’s texting activity, the father may be able to use this as evidence of her attempts to alienate the child from his father.

The father needs to file a custody action against the mother or if there is already a custody order in place, then a motion to modify based on a substantial change in circumstances. The law does not allow for a minor to decide with which parent they will live, however, judges tend to give great deference to the opinions of teenagers.

The father would likely not be viewed negatively by taking in his child, however, he must be careful not to violate any court order that is currently in place.