Ex-Wife Stating that she is not Reading My Emails

Hi Crystal,

My ex-wife changed her first name after our divorce. This would be the third different name she has used in her life (that I know of). In all of our endless court documents she was referred to as Alena. Now she is telling me that any email sent to her that contains the name “Alena” will be deleted without being read (she has set up some sort of rule in her inbox).

My question is can she be found to violating our child custody arrangement since this is the name that is on all of our divorce agreements? It would seem to me that if she is deleting my emails about visitation, etc. then it would be a violation of our visitation agreement (even if she may have told me she has a new name).

Thanks again.

If your ex has legally changed her name, and has told you what her new name is, and has informed you that she will not be reading any emails addressed to her old name, then you cannot claim she is in violation. She has given you the new information, which is regarding a legal name change, and also told you that she will not respond to anything else. She could perhaps be found in violation if she did not give you this information and just ignored your attempts to contact her.