Ex-Wife Still Not Working Four Years After PSS Judgement

My ex-wife and I separated in July 2007. A few months later she was awarded almost 1K a month in child Support for my then 3 1/2 year old son. At the time, my ex stated that she was going to continue her education full time and would be done in 2009. I found out last year she changed her major from Nursing to Biology and is STILL attending college full-time (almost four years later). I say “still” because she will not tell me anything about her financial situation or her plans. I have also learned through my son that she plans to get married this month and this entire time has continued to own a condo the whole time she has been living 1 1/2 hours a way. How might this be for a college student??

Regardless, since the laws state that even if she does get married my child support will not change at all my question is how long do I have to wait before she is required to get a job? She maybe even be planning to go to graduate school (another two years) after getting her undergrad. Isn’t there a limit to how long she can get 100% child support (her income as far as I know at this point is zero) without looking for work or can she conceivably go to school for the rest of her life? I’m also having to pay his monthly medical insurance as well as 76% of all of his medical costs which itself can run me 200 to 300 dollars a month.


Unless she is acting in bad faith by not getting a job, the court will not impute income to her, and child support will remain as set.