Ex-wife wanting to file bankrupcy

I have been legally divorced since August of 2009. My ex-wife contacted me the other day and stated that she plans on filing for bankrupcy and wanted to let me know because the home mortgage is still currently in both our names although when our separation agreement was signed in October of 2008 she had signed all interest, rights, etc. over to me. The house is classified as a doublewide and that is the reason I have not been able to refinance it as of yet although I have been trying very hard to. My ex-wife states that she has checked around and that her filing bankrupcy want effect my being able to refinance the house in the future or my credit score and that she is just doing it because she is broke. Since she has never given me any reason in the past to believe anything that she says I was wondering her filing for bankrupcy would effect me ini any way and what if any suggestions you might have?


Your credit will not be affected by her filing, and the home is exempt from the bankruptcy proceedings.

Thank you

You are most welcome.