Exparte emergency custody


my ex is living in my mother’s house, which he is soon to be evicted…I left the home because of emotional, physical and financial abuse…I am now living 15 minutes from our residence on the georgia side…my children go to georgia schools…but because we lived on the line of clay co. north carolina, this is where the court case has been heard…I am in the middle of court with ex he has been served with a contempt of court because he has not been following the court ordered visitation…we have joint custody, but because i left the home to get myself together for the kids and to have somewhere for them to live…he gets them monday thru friday afternoon…i get them the weekends… my son calls me regularly, telling me that dad has told him he does drugs, he is left alone frequently for hours at a time, locked out of residence, and has seen his fathers girlfriend naked more than once…and the other night I get a call that there was a fire inside the stove, but luckily my son knew how to put it out with a fire extinguisher, when I asked where his father was…once again out with the girlfriend, he told me the house was smokey and I told him to stay outside till the smoke cleared, I found out the next night when my son called me that when he went to bed 2 1/2 hours later that his father was still not home…my attorney is I am sorry to say a moron…she has only filed for contempt of court, harrassement and modified custody…I feel no matter where I live that there should be a exparte order signed immediately and a court ordered drug test on all adults living in the home (which includes girlfriend) my children would not have to switch schools and the fact that he is being evicted anyway should be enough…AM I RIGHT OR WRONG? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME GUIDANCE…

daniella cantafio