Father's Day


I understand you frustrations and find that it’s totally appalling that ADULTS can be so petty and play such stupid games. This is life that we are talking about, not some pre-K game of CandyLand. I truly makes you want to holler and lose your mind a few times. Just hang in there. I am proud of you - you are one of the few who are trying to be the best dad you can be under the circumstances and defying the deadbeat dad stereotype. Keep your head up and pray. In the long run, things will pay off - believe or at least keep saying it until it’s true.


How does that idea sound to you? [|)]

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So who collects it then? [;)]

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[:X] Now imagine if the world was like that.[:I]

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What is worse than not getting a father’s day card on father’s day? Getting a card with my address but my father’s name on it, and the card reads “Grandfather, Happy father’s day. Love ____.” It was addressed by her mother, so I figure this is just another game she likes to play. Just so you know, I have been the best father that I can be to my daughter (as much as her mother allows, anyway). Just needed to vent, her games never end.