Father's death

My father died last week. I was married for 20 years and separated in fall of 2010 and the opposing attorney has dragged out our Equitable Distribution discovery. (How long an this be dragged out)? Does my father’s death and any money left to me left to me in his will have anything to do with ED? Will the court adjudicate that any distribution from my father’s will have anything to do with ED? The OC is asking me to supplement my discovery as to my inheritance (which I haven’t even seen as yet - it’s in a different lawyer’s hands), what does it have to do with ED?

How long the process of equitable distribution lasts and getting to trial depends on a lot of factors. I would refer to your original scheduling order or the local rules to see when trials, etc. should be scheduled.

Your inheritance will be your separate property, but the value of separate property can be taken into consideration by the court as a factor in equitable distribution. Refer to the whole list of factors 50-20© for an entire list of the factors.