Fee Agreement


I never signed a fee agreement with my attorney. My bill is up to almost $6,000. I have not been able to pay them much. They have also not done the things promised and agreed to verbally. They are now asking to sign a fee agreement that I never saw or knew what all was included in it. I am assuming that they are asking me to sign this because they may be withdrawing for lack of payment. If I do sign this, what does it mean regarding my current bill. It is stating I will catch it up and add an additional retainer which I have no way of getting. If I do not sign it, will they withdrawal? Also, if I do not sign it, what responsibility do I have to pay it since they have not done the things promised and I do not even know what all of the fees are.


I cannot say if the agreement will bind you to payment for services already rendered without seeing the contract. I can say however that not signing an agreement does not clear you of your obligation to pay for services rendered.

The attorney may make a motion to withdraw at anytime, and not being able to reach an agreement with respect to fees is a common reason to withdraw.