Filing date confusion

My separation agreement states that my spouse and I separated on May 5th of 2010. I waited until a day later, May 6th, to file. I made sure I had all of my papers in order, had the proper foms notarized, then went to the courthouse to file. When I got to the Civil Courts division I was told that I was not eligible to file until Monday, May 9th. So I will try again tomorrow. I was a bit confused considering I thought I could file at one year and one day.

My question is, will I need to redo all of the paperwork since it is all currently dated May 6th instead of the 7th or later?

Also, do all three copies of the complaint have to be signed and notarized or do you just have one signed and notarized and make two photocopies of that one?

You only need one original of the Complaint, and two photo copies, you can file the same paperwork today that you attempted to file on Friday, as the facts have not changed.