Filing Extension to Extend Health Insurance - ethical?

My husband and I have been separated for over 1 year and have had a separation agreement in place for over 6 months. I recently filed for divorce and now he plans to file and extension to respond to my divorce complaint. He will wait util next month to file so that the divorce can be finalized later and thus extend his health insurance which is provided by my employer. The sole purpose of his extension is so that he can have insurance under Obamacare at the start of new year. Note, over the last year, he has had multiple medical procedures performed and has cost my insurance provider over $50,0000. I have proof of his intentions and pathetic reasoning. Can he be granted an extension for any reason? He is an attorney. Would the NC Bar consider this unethical?

An initial motion for extension to respond is usually granted. It is very common for a defendant to extend the answer period to keep their health insurance active for longer. No, it’s not unethical.