Financial Affidavit of Income and Expenses


I am completed the affidavit of income and expenses to send in with my answer to civil complaint. What deductions can you legally take off from your earned income. I am unsure of things like taxes, non elective retirement, Fica and things like that. Thanks for any assistance you might be able to give me. P.S. this forum has been great asset to me.


There are no rules about what should or should not be contained in the financial affidavit. It’s my practice to put any and all expenses on the affidavit to accurately indicate the needs and income of my client. Different counties have different forms you can use, but if you are in a county that doesn’t have a set form to use, a good reference is the form for Mecklenburg County as it is fairly comprehensive. You can locate the form on our website using the following link: Mecklenburg County Financial Affidavit.