Financial affidavit question

When you do a financial affidavit, do you have to provide a record of the expenditures and deposits into and out of your accounts? In other words, do you provide an accounting of what you spent your monies on and where they came from? Or is it just the balances of the accounts over time?

Most counties have their own form for a financial affidavit. The counties I have seen include wages, deductions, health insurance costs, and an itemized budget. Check out the forms for your county at to take a look at the Financial Affidavit used in your county.

The expenditures and deposits are not listed on the affidavit itself, but are revealed through mandatory disclosures. Each county also has differing rules as to what documents are served with the Financial Affidavit, an example would be all paystubs, bank statements, bills, debt statements, and retirement statements for the three months preceding the hearing upon which the affidavit is being used.