Fire My Lawyer 2

Erin, thanks for your reply. All the contract says about money is:

For his services, I hereby authorize XXXX to retain fees in the following amounts: 15% of whatever may be recovered from defendant before initiation of suit; 25% if suit is instituted and once active trial preparation begins.

I agree that assoicate counsel may be employed at the direction and expense of attorney, and that any attorney so employed may be designated to appear on my behalf or undertake my representation in this matter.

I further agree that in addition to the above fees, all court costs, subpoena costs, photos, depositions, and all other out of pocket expenses may be deducted from any recovery.

Now, can I fire him without paying him and either proceed on my own or hire someone else? I haven’t recovered anything…

Yes, it appears that way. Unless there is a paragraph somewhere that allows the attorney to recoup costs and expenses upon termination.