Frontloaded alimony


Situation: Divorced.

Per my sep agreement I have 3 years of alimony to pay. I paid 50k in monthly alimony payments for the first year (while separated, during waiting period before divorce could be processed). For year 2 and 3, it is cut in half and I pay 25k each year.

Does that reduction in alimony result in a frontloaded situation? I don’t know if the reduction is considered “significant”. The reason for the higher alimony was agreed to was because I had the cash assets distributed to me during the divorce which I knew I could use for alimony the first year. After that, I accepted the 25k because it was affordable by my salary.


You paid $50k before execution of the agreement, and agreed to pay the $25k for 2 years after execution of the agreement?


I had 3 years of alimony.
1st year 50k
2nd year 25k
3rd year 25k

Sep Agreement was finalized some time in Oct 2009. Agreement called for payments to start in Sep 1 2009 which they did…The start date occurred before the Sep Agreement was finalized. I don’t recall if I waited until Sep Agreement was finalized before making first payment, or if I waited until Sep Agreement was final and than paid Sept and October alimony in Oct.