Getting Divorced

So I did not see it coming. My husband the night of our anniversary invited a 26 year old girl that works for him over while I was sick in bed. The next day she was at my house. The following weekend I was out of town and so was he. He just happened to get home hours before me. He called and asked if I was on the road yet and I told him I just got on the road he asked me to text him when I got close. When I got home the girl was at my house and he said they were working on his project. Of course I did not believe it but I did not have any proof other wise. The next day he was leaving for Chicago for a business trip. He said his frined Bruce was taking him. I told him not to put anyone out of their way I could do it but he insisted I say with our son that his friend did not mind. The following Friday I pick him up at the airport we go to a hockey game as a family and later that night he says he wants a divorce. I was like what then he said he did not want to talk about it. The next day I started snooping to find our Bruce did not take him to the airport. I then message this girl and she tells me something is going on but does not go into detail. I asked to see his text he tells me hell no. He changes all the passwords and swears nothing is happening yet between them. Anyway he leaves I figure out our cell carrier password and see there has been several long conversations between my husband and this girl and they were texting all day long everyday. I also notice the day he asked me to texted him when I got close to home he called her immediatley after he got off the phone with me. That morning before he got home he had called her twice. The day he left my daughter offered him to stay with her he did not he went and stayed with the girl he supposedly was not having an affair with. He has told so many different stories to so many people it is hard to believe him anymore. Anyhow it has been 8 weeks and he is still dating this girl and it is causing mental stress on my son and myself. I am just wondering what I can do? I already have a divorce attorney but I want to know what I can do to put a stop to the relationship until we are divorced? If I can do this who do I call in Johnston County to help me proceed with it?

There is no legal remedy to end his relationship with anyone. But, evidence of his current relationship can be used to corroborate that the relationship began prior to marriage, which could make a difference with regard to any alimony claim.

really feel bad to read such post…