Getting him to leave

If he throws another tantrum and breaks something, call the cops. Tell them the story and show them the damage. They will make him leave. Then get a restraining order against him. I say this because this happened to a friend of mine. He got physical with his wife (very stupid). She called the cops and that was the last time he was in that house. That was 2 years ago. She got the house, she got the kids, she got alimony, she got child support. End of story.

Sherry…get some type of recorder and record the outburst. If you have a cell phone, you may have a recorder on it. This can be used in court. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. The only one I can think of is immaturity. Please protect yourself and your children. Get a restraining order, call the police, whatever you need to do. If you say it is ok to do this then your children will believe it is ok as well. This cycle repeats itself. Change the locks. Put his **** in the yard. No one should have to deal with this when there are little ones involved. This is how people get hurt.

Violence in the home is not acceptable. If his conduct is putting you in fear for your safety or causing you emotional distress you can seek a protective order. A protective order will order him out of the home and keep him from returning. What county do you live in?

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I’ve been married almost 2 yrs. We have a blended family. My son is 11, his is 7 and daughter is 5. He pretended to like my son prior to the marriage, but ever since we said “I Do” all he does is pick on him. He intimidates my son and me. He is very controlling and is getting more so every day. When he gets angry he throws anything that gets in his way, flips furniture over, knocks holes in doors, etc. I’ve had to have 1 door replaced and the kitchen porcelain sink because he threw something and knocked the enamel off in several places. I never know when he’s going to go off on one of these fits. I’ve told him I want him out and he refuses to leave. He says I cannot simply pack his clothes and put them outside and change the locks because all he has to do is show the cops his license with address and they’ll let him back in. I had the house built 2 yrs before I even knew him and it is only in my name. What are my options. I have NO money to hire an attorney. HELP!