Getting my husband out of my house!


I have been married for 12 years, and for the 8th time our lights were turned off and our gas also. I have been putting up with my husbands mismanagement of money,drinking, and drug use long enough and I am tired of it. I told him last year if our lights were turned off again, he had to leave and would not be allowed to come back. We purchased a new home a little under 2 years ago, on my credit alone because his is so bad, my credit is not the best now because of him. I cannot get him out of my house and I not having another cut off or go unpaid because of him. I pay the mortgage which is 1100.00 a month I bought all the furniture and everything in our home. I had to get a seperate checking account from him because he would write checks and spend money that wasn’t there. I have given this man money to pay bills such as car insurance, mortgage, and he spends it and the bill goes unpaid. He said that they say he doesnt have to leave, I dont know who they is. But I am not leaving my home because I worked to hard to get it, and I pay for it. Can I change the locks while he is out or something so I can get him out? I want a divorce, but you have to be legally seperated for a year in NC, but I can’t get this idiot out of the house. We went a week without lights. He is a financial burden to me and I am sick of his crap. I just want him out of my house, and life. I can’t afford an expensive lawyer either.