Getting re-married

I have been divorced for 5 years. He has already remarried. My wedding will fall on his week-end. He agreed a few months ago to swap week-ends. He has been given 10 months notice that I need to swap so my son can attend my wedding. Because he agreed verbally I have made all the plans, put deposits down and ordered invitations. We haven’t been getting along lately and he is trying to say that the week-end swap won’t work out now. What can I do to make sure my son is apart of my wedding festivities? Do I need to get a court order to make sure I can swap week-ends? Please help.

Unfortunately, you have no right to take the child to the wedding since it is his weekend, and I am not sure a judge can/would intervene and make him. Hopefully your ex will learn to co-parent cooperatively with you or these issues will continue to arise. There may be a weekend that he really wants/needs that is yours and you can withhold your consent in the same way, which is again why learning to co-parent cooperatively will benefit him too.