Gift deed


I divorced my wife from bed and board, because she tried to shoot me the kids and herself, Our home belonged to my family and they gift deeded it to us both names on deed. Now she is saying I owe her half the value not half the dollar we paid. She has constantly been in and out of jail and mental hospitals since she left due to drugs and mental disease. Oh she also wants me to pay her money to live off of. Should I worry. Can she make me pay $50,000 for a home she never paid for.


The home is martial property since it was gifted to both of you, and she is entitled to half of the equity. I would say however that based on the circumstances you have a good argument for an unequal distribution of the martial property. As for the support, you may be liable, especially considering her mental state.
I would urge you to meet with a lawyer in the immediate future to discuss the particular facts of your case and to create a plan of action.