Going Through a Divorce With children

My husband and I are going through divorce and we both want our children. My situation is that we have two small children, a son and a daughter, and the 1 and the other is two months. Right now i have my son and my husband has my daughter. I need to know what do i have to do in order to make sure i keep my children. I don’t want anything from my husband just to have both my children. Another that makes my situation hard is that I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina and my husband is in Memphis, Tennessee. Could you tell me what rights i have and whats the next step

Unfortunately, your question is very complicated, and it’s difficult to give an answer to such an open-ended question without a full analysis of the facts of the case. You would be best suited by having a consultation with an attorney who can discuss all the facts of your case and help you decide a plan of action.