Going to Family Counseling

I have agreed to go to Counseling but I know that I am done with our marriage. Should I go a few times so that in the courts eyes it will look better than just blowing it off and starting the seperation. We have a child together and I know that my spouse will try to paint me in a bad way as to get as much as possible in child support. Would going to a counseler a few times help with making my case look better when we go before a judge? Also would the seperation of assest go as half or close once we get to divorce. Thanks for your help.

The courts do not inquire as to whether you have attended counseling in NC. Child support is based on a formula using the custodial schedule, each party’s gross income, day-care costs, and insurance costs, fault is not an issue.
Equitable distribution is presumed to be equitable when each party is distributed 50% of the marital estate.