Gold Digger Law for NC?


Dear barrow:

Greetings. First, thank you for serving in our military. Second, there is no such thing as a “golddiggers law.” What you need to do is hire an attorney and file a claim for equitable distribution. Send her a letter telling her that you intend to be separated as of today and also changed your direct deposit. Also, if you gave her a power of attorney, have your attorney revoke the same in the county where you resided.

I am sorry to hear about this situation, but keep your head up!

Janet L. Fritts
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I am a 31 year old SPC in the NCARNG currently stationed in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Before I deployed I married my girlfriend and mother of my child. Since I have been deployed she has spent in excess of 15,000.00 of my military pay (which i have proof of). Frauded the housing authority in our area by obtaining a residence under the pretense of being single and having 0 income (which has been reported, upon my knowledge of it) and now she is taking my personal property (all of which was owned years prior to our marriage of 81/2 months at present or own years prior to our meeting) and trying to depose of it before i can get back from iraq,but i dont have reciepts for everything i bought, just witnesses to the fact. She wont talk to me at all, she wont allow me to speak with my child, and she avoid all my family members. The majority of my time spent here in Iraq (7 months) Ive spent with legal, chaplains or conselors trying to figure out my best course of action to take upon returning to NC. I was told there was a golddiggers law in NC, by which she could be held liable for the things she has done, because she has made it more than evident that she married for money, property and possible insurance/military benifits in the event of my death, not love. She has admitted also to both lesbian and striaght sexual affairs openly, but im not sure if it would be admissivable in court because i dont have any prove beside her word, which im pretty sure she wouldnt keep in court. the only thing I can think of that she could use against me personally in court is that i have been unfaithful to her before we married, which i wouldnt deny, because she knew this months before we married, and said she forgave me for it. What should I do?