Gone 3 years now

My wife and I separated almost 3 years ago. She left after an argument and never came back. I live in the house we bought and now, I want to get a divorce. She moved somewhere in Texas. She has always said if we ever split up that she would let me have the house as it has my shop and was always more like my place than hers. I just want to get on with my life now and get all of this behind me. Need some direction and an attorney to make this all happen. I work all over the east coast and I’m not home much to take care of this stuff. She doesn’t want the house as she can’t afford the mortgage. I do want the house and have been making the payments for the last 3 years. Can someone help/guide me in this? I’m ready to live again. We were married for 17 years. No kids but she has 3 grown now.

I am ready to move forward with the divorce process. In search of an attorney to take care of this. Any ideas of cost? To the best of my knowledge it will be uncontested. But the house is in both of our names. Please advise the next step in getting this behind me.

Anyone know of a good attorney?

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