Grandson predicament

My grandson was about 18 years old and a high school student when he went to work as a bus boy in a local bar where he met and got involved with a woman with 2 children in her 30s. After graduation, he came to stay with us about 35 miles away to attempt to begin college/and or work. He ended up getting a fairly decent job, however, the girlfriend put alot of pressure on him to be with her constantly, ultimately putting enough guilt on him to make him move in with her, the guilt being “I’m pregnant”. So he gave up the job and all ideas of college and moved in with her, got a lower paying job and in the next several months spent all his savings preparing for this child who will be born in October. In the meantime due to a tragic accident, the people whom he worked with before called on him to help out for a short time to keep their business open after death of the owner which he agreed was the right thing to do and he came back to stay with me for a time. He has finally opened up and told me how difficult the situation is with a woman who has no ambition, criticizes his every move and his ideas for a career and better life. She is happy in her grocery store, dead end job, living in a tiny 2 bedroom house with him and soon to be 3 children. Last night I found out she has 4 large dogs, none of which are vaccinated, 2 who run free, 2 who are chained, one a pit bull. Recently, the pit got loose, ate 3 or 4 oa neighbor’s new kittens and she has ignored all attempts by the animal control to pick up the animals or give them away. He is very concerned about his child being born into this situation and the danger it could present. Is there any way out for him “with the child”? by the way, I know the older children, one 13, one 8. They are clean and attend school, but appear to be so socially maladjusted, they do not function appropriately. He does not want this to happen to his child. What do you think?

I’m not sure what you mean when you ask if there is any way out for him “with the child?” Are you asking if he could succeed in getting primary custody? He would need to be prepared to show in court that it would be in the child’s best interest for him to be the primary custodial parent.