I really need advice bad. I live in North Carolina. I was married for almost 11 years. I supported him throughout 7 years. He cheated on me while I was away at work with the girl that lives 4 houses down. I know this because he told me on the phone. So, I came home unannounced only to find condoms on my table with a loaded gun. I did think about using it. (We never owned a gun, so I have no clue where he got it). But I came close to committing suicide that night. Sometimes I wish I would have. We have been separated for close to 9 months. Now he has a good paying job with benefits. Not in the field that I paid for his education. 55 Payments. The previous year I will say we both had outstanding bills. My credit started to slack because I was so busy paying his credit cards. I went from an A credit to a zilch credit no thanks to him. I had to claim bankruptcy because it was swallowing me. I paid for that ($1000). (The bills got behind because I ended up getting 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns from the club I worked at). I needed to heal. I went back to work after that and still the same thing. Supporting him. He never put a payment to my house but the deed is in his name as well. He never paid the yearly taxes on it. I did. I paid the house insurance. House is 700 a month and the taxes and insurance yearly is $1362. Not once has he helped me. He considers making a payment here and there to an electric bill was good enough along with doing house chores. He considers it martial debt. Only debt I see is mine. He has 69 GTO that he won’t let me get rid of but yet it has been sitting on my property for almost 9 months. (He has the title notarized I believe and it