How do I file harassment charges against biological father’s wife. We were in a Adult meeting, in which my husband and I, my daughters biological father and his wife. We were discussing the potential of step parent adoption by my husband. In which the biological father is considering consenting.

Biological father’s wife, verbally attacked me in front of a court ordered therapist that will be testifying at our next review of the visitation recommendations. I was quite and did not respond for several comments, then I could not let her keep verbally attacking me, so I calmly tried to explain that her views are just her views and not neccisarily what would be in my daughters best interest. I do not know why she has even their when she is not the biological mother. The therapist was in charge of the session, but this woman kept getting louder and louder and yelling at me. I was doing all that I could to keep my cool. Then finally, I raised my hand and I said, Therapist, If this woman does not stop yelling at me, I am going to walk out that door. I do not deserve this and I will not be yelled at this way.

Things were quite for a few minutes and then she started again. but not quite as loud at that time. a few minutes later the session was ended with nothing resolved. I walked out to the bathroom and tried to calm my nerves down, I stayed in the waiting room and did not return to the room, but waited to calm myself down.

the therapist walked up to me and stated that I did very well and that the Mrs. X was totally out of line and would not be allowed at any more of the visitations.

Yet the very last visitation, she showed up and started all over again.

Several nights when I got home, I checked my blood pressure and it was way high. I am talking 175/120 from the stress that she had induced on me. My doctor actually prescribed some medicine for me because of the effects that the stress was having on my body.

I do not believe that a 50b form would be right… but harassment would be right as this is a ongoing thing with her. Emails…attacking me and verbally attacking me and my husband.

So how do I file harassment or would it be 50b to protect my family from her verbal, written and emotional abuse.

A 50B action is not appropriate in this case as the aggressor is not of a qualifying relationship. (Must be a current or former spouse, a former roommate of the opposite sex, parent, child, or co-parent with the victim.) Further, only physical threats qualify for a 50B, not emails and verbal abuse.

You may contact your local police via the non emergency number to file a harassment report.