Harm to the child

Dear mathkittycat:

Greetings. First, your question is unclear. What needs to be proven for what? A change in custody?

Harming a child usually, from solely my point of view, involves hitting a child or subjecting them to gross negligence. You may want to call child protective services to get a clearer picture of what they believe constitutes this standard, as it is not one I use in practice.

Leaving children unattended is never a good idea.

Finally, remember that the child has a lot of responsibility for what he/she puts in their mouth. If they have an eating disorder, sending them to a nutritionist and teaching the child a better eating pattern is more important than trying to get the other parent to act responsibly (good luck there). Also, your finance can go to the school, talk to the teachers, and make the child do homework when he has the child who is failing. Tell your fiance to focus on what he can do to help. Thank you.

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What exactly is considered harm to the child? My fiance’s ex works nights and leaves the kids unsupervised, one child is grossly overweight because of not having anyone cook healthy meals, one child is failing in school, they live in substandard housing, etc. What specifically needs to be proven?