Hawkman/Wrong Gender!

I don’t think that his post was meant with any disrespect. Normally, the ones on here complaining about paying 60% of their salary and the other parent abusing the system are the fathers.


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No disrespect was meant, but as step mom said, statistics,(as testified during senate testimony) show the father getting the raw deal from 80-90% of the time. I’m perfectly aware that this happens to moms too, as I work with them also and I’ve heard their stories dealing with our wonderful court system. The point I was making is not gender specific. No parent should have to pay support and expenses to the point that they are not allowed to have some simbelance of a “normal” or reasonable life. ( Wasn’t there something written about “…life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness”?)The way our court system hands out child support and alimony, makes those of “lower middle” to “middle” income reduced to nothing more than indentured servitude.

As bohica, I am the female in the picture! Daddy is the one with the huge income and I have to pay 50%. Do you feel better now??? And lights out!!! Child support is 5% of his income…not even close to 60%!