He left again


I have been married for 1 1/2 years now ,my husband since then has become an alcoholic and drug user ,he actually been drinking since he was 15 years old .Prior to our marriage he has drunk moderately ,but since the day of hour marriage he has gotten worse .He put’s drinking ahead of every thing else .He is so far in dead he will never get out of it .He has left me a couple of times during the last year ,the last time being this past Saturday .His word’s where " I’m going home and to find me a better job ,maybe one day I come after you" .Anyway ,I have not heard from him since he left
For the hole time of our marriage I had to keep him up ,he never paid a bill or helped out in anyway .All of our things are in separate names ,checking ,savings loans and ect .He has his ,I have mine .We never bought any thing in both of hours name ,due to his bad credit .Everything I have I brought into the marriage ,Since we gotten married he lost 2 vehicles already ,they came and repo them ,if he comes back ,they are going to take the one he has now ,besides his insurance elapsed once more .After he left ,I took pictures of all the empty liquor bottles around ,his hiding places and so on
My question is ,since there was no agreement when he left ,he decided on is own to leave ,second time within less then 6 month,what rights does he have to any of my belongings and how would I even file for separation .The first time he left was last December ,at that time he had gotten him a PO Box ,cause he was not sure where he would live ,which is still active .but now he has left the state .he is so far behind child support to his first marriage they are just waiting for him not to pay again .It has been a very confusing year ,many heartaches ,but I’m ready my self to call it quiets .Raising two kids from my prior marriage ,doesn’t leave much money for a lot of attorney fees ,so before I contact one ,maybe somebody could give me some advise