He took it all

My husband left and took everything i had bought, i enlisted in the navy July 07 and married Nov o7 i received $14,000 enlistment bonus, my husband asked for a new truck( 2008 Toyota Tacoma) i payed 6,000 down and $430 a mo for 43 mouths, also bought him a 1986 Chev for $2,000.
my husband had previous to the marriage bought a 2007 Yamaha r6 i made payments of $180 a mo for 24 mo then payed it off with $2500.
while i was gone to Iraq in 09 my husband bought a pontoon boat for $1500 then fixed it up.
my husband has a 1965 mercury comit, while i was gone he had new paint job put on it,($1500) new carpet, new parts for motor, new windshield and transmission not to mention many other things,
[color=#FF0000]!!!now keep in mind that he did not work from Jan of 09 til Sept 2011 when he had left,!!![/color]
( December 2011 i found out that his girlfriend had just had a miscarriage after 9 weeks he said it was 2 weeks after he left before he slept with her) he has sold the Toyota, sold the Yamaha and is trying to sale the boat( everything was in his name but the boat it was in both our names and he is trying to sale it thinking i don’t know about it) where am i standing at the moment…do i just kiss it all good bye or is there something i can do???

*not an attorney
When you have spouses that are pretty unreasonable you usually have to end up getting legal counsel. Sounds like the items you both had 50/50 claim to, except the motorcycle which he may have a more than 50% claim to. It doesn’t really matter that you paid for them, it was marital earnings during the marriage. You would be able to recover your part of equity in these items as part of equitable distribution, so you would to file before your divorce is finalized.

You’ll have to negotiate with him, or file for ED. He’ll have to account for all the marital property he sold at settlement time.