Health Insurance & Quit claim deed


Dear redcurleylocks:

Greetings. I am sorry to hear about your separation, but glad that you signed an agreement.

  1. If you did not negotiate for him to maintain you on his health insurance in the separation agreement, then he has no obligation to keep you on the insurance.

  2. If you signed your rights away and signed a quit claim deed, then I doubt you have any further rights to the house. Now, if he was hitting you to make you sign the agreement, then you may have signed it under duress. Signed (and notarized) agreements are rarely overturned by the court.

Best of luck.

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My husband and I seperated five months ago now (his decision–not that is matters) we have a formal seperation agreement signed and alimony in place-I even signed a quick-claim deed releasing my rights to our house—just so I could get it signed and moved out. However, my question here is two fold…

  1. Recentley, he has discontinued my health insurance. Is this legal? Doesn’t he need to provide health insurance in manner he has atleast until the day our divorce is final?

2.Also, since I signed the quick-claim deed on the house for the seperation agreement to take effect so I could move out—what are my rights now considering I was forced to sign his agreement he had drafted to move out. Do I still have legal rights to half of our house together? (there was a lot of emotional, verbal and violent abuse going on during the drafting of the agreement–i just signed to get out and relinquished right at the time to move out.)

Thank You, redcurleylocks

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