Health insurance

It is agreed in our separation doc that both parents will carry health insurance, is it correct that a $0 entry is made on the calculator since its a wash?

It seems like a waste of money for both parties to carry health insurance, and I would suggest that you do a modification of the separation agreement to rewrite that provision. That said, I don’t think that a $0 would be appropriate in the health insurance portion. It is highly unlikely that the cost incurred by both parties is equal. Even then, I would want the worksheet to reflect the actual expenses of the parties even if they cancel each other out.

He changes jobs a lot. My attorney purposely suggested I carry health insurance because he is unreliable. He has to carry insurance b/c he has a son he is also responsible for and thus must have EE+Family coverage.
In addition, my bday comes first in the calendar year, so my insurance is used first all the time.
I could not possible keep up with his job changes and insurance coverage and would not put my children at risk for no coverage.

I think you must modify that provision that is the only way to save your money as well as to avoid the legal action.You must consult with any lawyer in your state that will help you in that modification or find out the best legal solution for your problem.