Help for Engaged Couples?

Is anyone going to respond to me?

I’m going to give my novice advice. I may be wrong, but unless there were some written contract, your name on the mortgage (or deed), or he is willing to acknowledge your equity, there really isn’t much recourse. He could argue that you’d be paying rent/mortgage if you were living somewhere else. Like I said I may be wrong, but from my experience this seems to be the case. I’m sorry.

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No, there are not legal rights for engaged couples under “divorce” law. You must just follow the law as if you were never married. There is no Palimony in NC. Thanks

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I wondered if there are any legal rights for engaged couples who live together. We’ve recently broken off our engagment and I am moving out. My fiance sees no need to help me with the transition financially. I’ve been helping him pay the mortgage for two years and it doesn’t seem fair. Any advice?