Help... nobody has the answers i need


Dear confusedhusband:

Greetings. It sounds to me like you may need an attorney in New Jersey. Also, why can’t you pick up the pieces of your existence? You are stronger than this situation. You must move forward, realizing you had a short and unsuccesful marriage, and having faith that things will work out better for you in the future. Best of luck.

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Help… My wife just recently abandoned our marriage on the 25th of June, 2004… contrary to her assurances that we were ok and she was waiting affectionately and impatiently for my return from visiting my daughter, Kaia, in South Dakota, who i see very rarely, due to her residence with my ex-wife, Erin(her mother)in AZ…Tenaya, my wife now, promised there was nothing i had to worry about, and that we were happily ok… yes, i had worries all the time about things like this, due to it happening before, so, obviously my trust issues on my relationships are/were very shaky and troubled… to which she would scold me compassionately that she wasn’t like the rest, that she would NEVER do anything like they did to me…we got married on the 13th of sept, 2003, in SD and moved out here to NJ a few days after, but we have been together for almost 4 years prior…We had just talked over the phone the night before, on the 24th of June, and EVERYTHING was perfectly fine… even our friends, and her co-workers said she was happy and anxious for me to come home…then she calls the next day and says she wants a divorce, she’s leaving to go home, and there’s nothing i can do about it… then tried to lie and keep me from knowing that while i was going to be on the bus home to her, she planned to already be on her way out there, without me knowing, till i would come home to find her gone, but my aunt clued me in, so i stayed out there until she got there, tried to talk to her, to no avail, and when i tried to reason with her when i got home, she had her dad get on the phone and threaten my life if i ever called there again, as she did as well when i called a few weeks later asking about the divorce papers she intended on sending me… now she’s gone, without so much as a real reason for leaving, went home to SD, then took off to Florida with a couple of guys she just met… she has been very lude and promiscuious, having sex with more than 5 people since her leaving, taking recreational drugs, and drinking and partying wantonly since… from a few very reliable sources, to whom i am in contact with continuously to date… now i find out that i cant even get a separation/annullment/divorce here in NJ until we have been apart for 1 yr or longer… i am in hell, and i cannot even attempt to pick up the pieces of my existence, without some sort of closure to this torture… whether she comes home(yes, i would take her back in a heartbeat…)or i find a legal resolve, to which i can both agree to, and afford… please help… if you know of ANY way to resolve my pain in this situation, please email me asap, or call me at (732)477-4274 (message phone) ASAP… thanks