Help with answer to divorce petition

I was served with a divorce complaint/petition last week by my husband. I do not want a divorce, despite our problems I took my vows seriously when I said them in my church before God 18 years ago, I meant “for better or for worse, in good times and in bad, til death us do part”. Also we do not have an agreement on custody, child support, alimony or division of assets yet, though I did file a claim for distribution of assets when I filed the claim for child support and spousal support.

What do I say in my answer to reflect that I do not agree with this divorce?, that it is against my religous beliefs and I fear what will happen if the divorce is granted without the other issues being settled first?


Unless the complaint for divorce contains allegations that are untrue with respect to the facts it contains, no objection lies to his claim for divorce. If one party wants a divorce after living separate and apart for one year there is nothing the other party can do to prevent the same.
So long as you have a claim for Equitable Distribution and Alimony pending with the court, the divorce will not affect those claims, and the court can still rule on those issues.
Child custody and child support are unaffected by a divorce decree.