Help with daughter's FAFSA

My daughter is 19 years old and attends a NC college. She is no longer a minor, but my ex-wife pays her health insurance and claimed her on her income taxes. She is upset with my daughter and is refusing to fill out her FAFSA. She told my daughter “let your dad do it”. Obviously, I cannot do this becasue I did not claim her on my income taxes. What can my daughter do to her her mother’s tax information to complete her FAFSA?

She may have to apply on her own, without either parent. I would assume she would be awarded more aid if she did so.

I would advise your daughter to file her own taxes, not being claimed as a dependent by anybody. If I had known I could do that (because I was NOT supported by my parents, nor did I live with them once I went to college), I would have gotten a TON more financial aid. Instead, my mom claimed me on taxes, gave me no money, and I had to take out tons of loans.

Please help your daughter not have that same fate…tell her to file her own taxes as an independent, and file for her own school aid on her own, as an independent student.

Of course, if she still lives with her mom, this could make things tense, to say the least…

Even if your daughter files her own taxes, she will still need her moms until she is 24. I just went to a take on this. I would call them and see what they say.

I think that is only the case if she is living at home still, and being claimed as a dependent on her mother’s taxes. If she is completely on her own and independent, she should be able to file the FAFSA as an independent student.