Helping young man get on his feet

A young man(age 24) befriended my husband and myself. He stated that he had no place to go because his father sold the house and put his stuff in a storage bin for him and paid it for a month. He needed a place to stay. We allowed him to sleep on our loveseat and store his belongings (still in those boxes) in our garage upstairs. Years went by and young man was told to leave. He left but still had keys to the garage to get his stuff for a month. Young man turned in the keys to the garage. Many other things have happened but trying to keep this short. Nine months or more later, we received a magistrate summons for small claims court for his belongings. What are the statutory laws and General statue laws surrounding his personal belongings. These are mainly clothes, small tv and baseball cards we are talking about. Are they considered abandoned? Since they have been left there for so long? Where do I find and how do I interpret those laws surrounding these specific events?

This is not a family law matter, and therefore is outside the scope of this forum.


Since your original intentions were to help this young man, how about just giving him his stuff?

This will save you a lot of trouble emotionally & financially and avoid any future visits, break-ins or problems from him or someone else.

Best of luck.