Hiding money

My husband and I recently found out that his ex-wife got a $15,000 check from the property management company she apparently incorporated in 2001 with her brother and father. At the time my husband and she were married. He knew about the company but not her involvement in it until her current husband informed us of her receiving these funds and my web search to find the incorporation documents that support his findings (she is the incorporator and the secretary). She claims to make $22,000 a year (as of Dec. 2008 when the last order was written) so this is more than the 15% required for her to report to CSE, which she has not done. We are not sure at this point in time if this is a one time payment or if this is something she receives regularly and her husband didn’t know either. She apparently is also slated to get a significant raise January 1st which she talked about via text message with her husband, which would triple her current income. My husband has arrears, left over from his time over seas, that are paid of the end of January and we want to have the support recalculated based on these new events but since our reevaluation isn’t until December 2011 how do we go about requesting the recalculation? Also, is there a time frame she has to report the increase in income? Please tell me there is another way to get the support recalculated other than waiting until December 2011 or contacting the CSE case worker because she is useless…


If more than 3 years have passed since the entry of the last CS order, and the new calculated amount is 15% different from the current amount You may to file a motion to modify support and request her financial information via the discovery process.

Just to clarify do BOTH criteria have to be met? The 3 years of the order AND a 15% change in income? It’s only been two years since the last order but her income has changed by way more than 15%. If she doesn’t report it can we go after her prior to the 3 year review?

The language in the guidelines has both requirements.