House in my name only, what happens

I am filing in PA since I moved there following separation from my husband, but my attorney was not sure how to guide my as far as my house. The house is in my name only, but was acquired while we were married. The house is being rented now, for just slightly over the cost of the mortgage and HOA fees. In the divorce, I am keeping the house, but is there any additional paperwork that I need to complete to ensure my ex-husband will never have any rights to the home? If the house is in Pennsylvania there is an additional form to fill out, but not sure if this would pertain to the home in NC.

If the divorce is entered without an action for equitable distribution or a separation agreement in place distributing the marital property, then the property will be distributed as titled. If the house is only in your name, you shouldn’t have to do anything further, unless you wanted to sell or otherwise convey the property prior to the divorce being entered.