How can you expect a child to be truthful when .


My boyfriend (B)‘s ex-wife (Ex) moved with their daughter to a different county – they have been living there since Summer 2009 – but Ex hasn’t legally changed her address. Her driver’s license, mailing address, etc. all indicate that she resides in this county with her parents, and she drives their daughter 30+ minutes each morning to catch the school bus at her parents’ house. Is this illegal in any way? I am concerned because the child is always tired and is out sick from school alarmingly often, and I know she’s being awakened before 6 each morning.

Their Child Support Agreement clearly says that the custodial parent (Ex) needs to keep the non-custodial parent informed of any address changes as well, but Ex has not done this either.

Additionally, in October Ex arranged for B to pick their daughter up after school each day and keep her until Ex got off work. (B was injured at work a couple years ago and is partially disabled, so he receives small, weekly insurance checks.) B and his daughter were delighted with the arrangement, because otherwise they only get to see each other every other weekend; however, Ex is jealous of their closeness, and she decided after Christmas Break to bus their daughter to Ex’s sister’s house for after-school care. However, their Child Support Agreement shows the child is being sent to an after-school facility costing $80/week. B has been paying his share for after-school care that has not been utilized since early October – we don’t even know if she’s still enrolled at this facility. Should he try to have the Agreement amended to reflect that? Money is tight, but it’s really the principal of the thing; Ex is often underhanded and deceptive, and she gets away with a lot. She also accused B of wanting to pick up their daughter from school just to decrease his CS payments, which is patently untrue, but Ex sees everything in terms of dollars and cents.


If she has not informed the child’s father of a new address, she is in breach of the Agreement. As for the school issue, your ex can discuss the issue with the officials at the school to determine an appropriate course of action.

As for the support, the father may seek an order on Child Support in the courts and have the amount determined based on the real cost of child-care.