How Do I respond to Divorce papers?

Get an attorney. He will respond for you.

I saw an attorney. He said the cost would be $5000.00 for the case. I dont have that neither does my wife. He said her attorney will tell her to settle. I would just like to know what form I need to respond in. Is there a form for disputing the claims I can use or can I make one of my own.

Terry Key

Yes $500 is about right for a no fight divorce. This is not the case. She is suing you.

Pro se (doing it yourself) can be done. It typically does not turn out well.

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My wife is suing me for child support, and half equity in our residence, and her legal fees. I have recieved an extension. How do I legally respond to her of her attorney if I paln oin disputing any of these claims?

Terry Key