How long before dating?

How long did yopu wait before dating? A lot of web sites and blogs say wait at least one year. Does that include time being separated; in NC that is a year, or should that include one year after the actual divorce? How did you know your ready? Some things said when you begin to notice people of the opposite sex and/or when you find yourself flirting. I have noticed someone and flirted some but still can not invision being with someone else or even what we could talk about on a date.

I have been separated for 2 years, divorced for 4 months. Haven’t even considered dating. My kids have been my focus so far. I’d like to think that we would know when the time is right. Just remember to take it slow! I’ve seen friends and family try to jump right in and it ended up in disaster. I’m no expert, but the best advice I could give to anyone is to give yourself time to grieve and heal from your separation/divorce. Some will take longer than others. In my opinion, there should be no minimum or maximum time. Just take it slow and follow your heart!