How much is she entitled to?


I’m a soldier currently in afghanistan. I make nearly 4000 dollars a month. of which that is 1050 BAH. My wife and I are seperated as of January. Since then she has spent 9000 dollars of our money, I closed her out of my accounts. And now I do not want her to have anymore money at all. She called and complained to my chain of command, who is now angry with me, since I DID withhold all payment after finding out that she cleaned out our joint bank account. What she did was technically legal I understand, so If I lose that money… so be it. My question is…How much money am I legally obligated to give her per month? She has a full time job, and is very rich (old money) she has no kids, and I also am still paying off her credit card debt and school bills.


That is an unfortunate situation. In the absence of a court order you do not have to give her anything, but you should make sure her basic needs are met.