How to Achieve a Successful Aryears Amt

Scenario: X did not disclose all of the sources for determining gross monthly income for calculating CS using worksheet B, so the gross amount was lower than it should have been.

Q: How far back on the calendar can I go to get money that should have been paid if X’s gross monthly income should have been a higher amount?

Q: Do I pursue the difference in support that should have been paid through the court system or through child support enforcement? Where would I start?

Q: If X is receiving monetary funds as gifts and using the funds to pay legal expenses, could I issue the attorney being paid be a subpoena to determine how much money was paid on behalf of their client? This would be for determining gross monthly income for child support. I would guess that the amounts would be in the 30K-50K area over the past 2-3 years.


  1. You would need to make a Rule 60 Motion to Set Aside the Order/Judgment based on your ex’s fraud. The statute of limitations is one year for this. You can go back to the time the fraud was committed as far as setting the arrears, but you need to file within one year of learning of the fraud.

  2. You can go to CSE.

  3. Yes.