How to change an out of state petition


I want to know if it’s possible to change an out of state petition. I tried the court system where the petition is orginated and they still believe that the best interest is to have my child stay in an enviroment like that. In my court petition it states that if my daughter don’t reside with her father then the custody change over to me, I have proof that my daughter doesn’t live with her father, and they courts denied it. The father has changed to over 25 apartments since the last court date which is 2003. He don’t have a job, and my daughter is in the second grade and she been to six different schools. Each school states that my daughter is way behind, how can I help my daughter if the court system where she lives is not worth anything? I just want to know how can I have the court system here in NY look and have a hearing? Any advice… A desprate Singe Parent that her daughter needs.

Tee Smith