How to get a divorce

Hello, I am Nicola… I have my own advice on getting divorce but I am very open to suggestions, so as,to learn from you all.

How to get a divorce is a question that should be taken very seriously. The actions you take or do not take in the very beginning can make or break you financially. Getting a divorce can be complicated and expensive. Dealing with the fact that your marriage is over is difficult enough, but unlike a breakup with a boyfriend, ending a marriage involves legal implications, property division and support and care of any children you may have together.

Too often a divorce that should have been simple and clean cut turns into a nasty battle that can cost both you thousands in attorney fees, emotional distress, and psychological damage to your kids. So why isn’t there a simple, easy way to divorce without destroying your family, finances and any chance of a civil relationship with your ex? The answer may surprise you. Often the first thing someone does when trying to figure out how to get a divorce is hire a divorce lawyer. This is often done without much serious research, your neighbor may of recommended her attorney and you hire the first lawyer you interview.