How to hold contempt funds in escrow?

Hello, I was recently found in contempt of court for a technicality matter. As a result, the judge ordered me to pay funds to my ex towards the attorney fees.

However, my ex refuses to pay child support and is currently several thousand dollars in arrears. I have a pending Contempt Motion for this but it has not been heard yet by the judge.

My fear is that if I pay these funds to my ex, that they will not be returned. Is there a way I can put these funds in an escrow account pending the outcome and/or appeal of this Contempt charge against me?

Should this somehow be mentioned in the Contempt motion I file?
Thank you very much.

I would advise you to follow the court’s order as written and pay the funds to your ex. Your motion for contempt is separate and should only allege the facts necessary to show that your ex is in contempt of the support order.

Thank you for your answer Erin. Is there a way I can pay the ordered fine to an escrow account pending either an appeal or decision on my contempt charge? I feel certain the judge would award contempt in my favor since child support is in arrears.

If the order states that you must pay your ex and you do not do so, you may face unpleasant consequences.