Husband disappeared without signing divorce papers

You should find out how to put the divorce notice in a national paper and give him however many days he has to respond in NY and if he does not respond then go file for motion of default and the court house should set up a court date if so the nyou should put that in the paper and just hope for a no show!

No one wins in divorce only the Lawyers do!

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Dear Gladiator:

Greetings. Yes, you can file for divorce, alimony, and equitable distribution (if the rest of your facts are ok) and serve your spouse with the papers by PUBLICATION…if you were in North Carolina. Now, in NY, I have no idea what you will have to do. Best bet - consult an attorney there and don’t let this linger on. Many, many clients wished they had never stayed married to a disappeared spouse when they found someone new and wanted to marry them, but had to wait months on the divorce.

On the other hand, if there is a potential for your spouse to earn more than you, you could always stay married for 10 years so you can claim under his social security benefits. Best of luck.

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i had served divorce papers to my spouse in 2001. he did not sign them. last december, he just took off. nobody knows his whereabouts. he may have left the country too.
i live in new york. is there any way i can file the papers in court, claiming abandonment as grounds for divorce. i will never know where he went. house has been in my name since 1986. irs took lien in 1996 due to some tax problems which he was involved in.
what’s the best course of action in can take